Trailer Treasures


I got a thing for movie trailers. They’re amazing when you think about it. They can tell you all you need to know about a movie or nothing at all. It can grab your interests, stir up anxiety, make you swell with excitement. Unlike other multimedia projects, they’re developed specifically with our tiny attention spans in mind. A visual and Audio feast in response to the scarcity of time and attention. With that in mind, trailers become doper than previously imagined. With that said, here’s a couple trailers to some flicks I’d like to catch within the next year:

Snabba Cash 2:
I loved the first one because I lived vicariously through the protagonist and now it looks like I get to do it again

Gangs of Wasseypur:
This “movie” is supposedly like 4+ hours long, but if it’s gonna be the compared to some of the greatest crime epics(it has), then fuck it, I’m down.

Cold War:
This film has nothing to do with the ideological struggle between two of the world’s respective super powers. There is a bipolar structure to the powers in film as we get to watch a group of mysterious men shit all over unruly cops. What derives from this, I’m sure, is a zero sum game similar to the cold war. I’m sold, just make sure the cops lose. No fascist cop dick sucking like The Dark Knight, please.

Everybody Has a Plan:

Watching the beginning and thought, “Damn, they’re really going to do the same lame ass fake twins on cam tricks found on TV?” Later on in the trailer it becomes clear that they spend quite a bit of time a part, and that this movie is going to be sick.


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