Lessons Learned From My First Business Trip

I’d like to wait until I got home to make this, because until I actually get in my bed- I’m on company time. Right now I write this with about two hours away from my flight. I just want to jot some things down now, because it looks like yours truly will be getting hammered with my team before the flight and during.

  • Make sure your USB flash drive is work specific. Nobody needs to see your XXX folder upon dragging a powerpoint on their computer. They might laugh with you, but that’s an unforgettable moment, in a bad way.
  • This lesson sort of ties in with the last one, because it involves media and presentation. Don’t watch any weird shit if your colleague is going to be sitting right next to you on the plane.
  • Don’t absentmindedly cross your arms while waiting to meet up with a client. Maybe you’re not pissed off and upset, but that’s a major body language no no. I wasn’t paying myself any mind when I did it, but the first thing the client asked me was if I was alright. Yes, I’m not going to power -bomb you, it’s all good.
  • Don’t make plans with anyone back home til you get back home.
  • Worry about your project in the morning. The night is for fun, just wake up at an ungodly hour and drink the entire 5 hour energy.
  • Don’t just shoot down an offer to spend informal time with client if you don’t want to do it, tell them you’ll take em up on it next time.
  • Stand out. Make sure that client knows your name. I didn’t do a good job of this, and I wasn’t told to do this by my superior. As a junior consultant, looking to move up in the world, I have to do what’s best for me. My current role is support, I’m like a cleric in a role playing party, providing buffs with analytics/presentations for the tank to use. This doesn’t mean I have to look nondescript doing it. I’m not sure what my answer is to subtly  standing out is at the moment, but it’s something I’ll be brainstorming tonight. Can’t network with someone that doesn’t remember your name.
  • See if a colleague you’re cool with is plopping down money on a rental car before you throw your cash away. You’re likely staying in the same hotel anyways.
  • Put everything on the company card.

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