The Non-Thirst Case for 200+ Dollar Dates


For those who don’t know because they were busy contributing to a world in constant decay, there’s this reoccurring debate on twitter(not the constant fake deaths) about 200 dollar dates. they seem to currently exist within a vacuum, purely hypothetical theater of war for many, but the act is very much real. Only the strippers on twitter have documented this phenomena so far. Either way, the arguments that come from its proponents and opponents are lacking. Those for the 200 plus dollar dates reasons are worse than most, it’s usually some poorly managed words about settling and self-worth. Those against, point out that it is simply a ludicrous amount of money to spend on someone without a ring, and have alluded to the specter of prostitution, somehow if you fork over that much money, you are owed a damn near frothing vag at the end of the night. Within the constraints of this blog, I am going to explain the reason why these top dollar dates exist and are reasonable.

We can assume that it’s only natural for the opposite sex to want the best partner possible for them. The process of finding that Uber Mensch  that stands out for you is handled by implicit and explicit signals sent out from them to you. Tailored physical attractiveness, fancy clothing, skanky clothing, glasses, book in hand, nice cars, their roster on the city name sports team- all can be used as advertisement. The more difficult of a message to send, the more effective it may be. I’m 6’1. but I couldn’t possibly pass myself off as an all-star NBA small forward. Being an athlete, a well paid athlete is a very difficult signal to send and it’s really no wonder why they can have their pick of women. If diamonds were as common as coal, women would not care for them. In many cases, the best way to make a woman become interested in you is to lead a lifestyle that impresses your competition. You go from just another player to talented with the right moves. We all just happen to be scouting for talent. Remember that Miss New Booty was found.

With that said, the appreciation of certain features and implicit/explicit advertisements of the opposite sex can help sort out some of the best candidates in the dating pool. With the 200 dollar date in mind, it helps identify you as a top-notch person to take into consideration. Any time you do something that’s hard for losers to replicate, you are excelling, doing the damn thing. This is something to take advantage of, to reveal these very difficult to emulate traits(being filthy rich, intelligent or a 6’10 athlete) is something that must be taken advantage of and taken into account. This is a part of the game that can’t be avoided. Even those vehemently opposing the 200 dollar date send implicit attention flares out on a daily basis. The interesting thing about this is we know this deep down, at different levels, so we act like this game doesn’t exist. If we were all overt with it, you would be expected to show out constantly and drain every little resource you have for some cutty. Get it? Good. Here’s your homework: even if you read, fully understand and enjoy this post, do us all a favor and never mention it.


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