A Tempered Response to the Brooklyn Nets

It’s that time of year, again, time to love this game with every fiber of my being. While other sports are nice, only football doesn’t feel like a placeholder for hoop for me. The anxiousness for NBA basketball usually sets in a week after the conclusion of the final NBA playoff series, but these last couple years have been different. The level of anxiety has been cranked to maddening levels because we’ve been working towards the eventual reality of a basketball team in Brooklyn. While Hov would have us think he brought this team here, because we deserve it and he’s got it like that, the more tempered response requires standing outside of Jigga Man’s mist. Doing so reveals a couple of things: Jay-Z owns less than 1% of the fucking team, the team will not truly compete at least for the next 2 years, and they are still endowed with the worst GM in professional basketball.

The Jay-Z thing isn’t really a big deal as far as NBA basketball is concerned, but with every line about owning the team and arena leaking out Barclays after Hov’s week-long concert series I’m surprisingly enough, tired of the hubris of a man known for his hubris. This whole thing never goes down if Mikhail wasn’t hungry for that Brooklyn real estate, the Nets were just icing on the cake for him- the oligarch, a real baller’s baller. When you take a look  back, in the grand scheme of things, Jay-Z looks like a pawn to much larger entities: corporations, Obama’s campaign, and Mikhail Prokhorov. I can’t help but look at this situation at a macro scale, so forgive me for not willingly playing the fool. i don’t want to completely overlook the investment by Hov, because it’s definitely smart on his part, but it was a fucking gimmie. This man has no say in the day-to-day basketball operations of the Brooklyn Nets, and this may actually be an issue.

As far as the roster goes, it’s flat. The year of the Lebron sweepstakes they gracefully bowed out and stocked the team with short contracts in hopes of staying flexible enough to take on superstar talent in the future. This wouldn’t be too bad an idea if you had high draft picks actually on your roster as plan B, something to show for the shit-show, but no. Nets lottery pick from this draft was traded away to rent an aging Gerald Wallace for 16 games. He would eventually sign with the Nets this season for way too much money. The veteran forward was meant to entice a star into coming to Brooklyn by promising a teammate who won’t take shots from them and guard the other team’s best player. Was this worth a draft pick? Fuck no, but this is the same man who traded for a rapidly depreciating Joe Johnson. A Player we thought to be untradeable, because of his max contract accompanying an increasingly marginalized game. Fast forward to the Dwightmare (sue me), which revolved around them because Howard tried everything in his power to play for this team, and Billy King failed exactly how someone who’s paid attention to pre-Brooklyn Nets thought he would. Now the Nets sit on just enough talent to hang around the teens of the draft, with no promise or chance of a championship. This can go on for half a decade before someone raises their hand and asks why. We should be asking why at this very moment, but every media outlet is singing this team’s praises. Many of these people know better, but who wants to tell the truth? Me. This guy. This idiot.
That’s why I’m going to go ahead and call this Nets team a 42 win team. A constant 4/5 seed team until the wheels fall off or Billy King is fired.

I would have endured the losses for a young team full of upside, something similar to the Thunder model, but what we have in store is grueling. With that said, it’s still BK all day.


One response to “A Tempered Response to the Brooklyn Nets

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